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Worried about paying your excess in the event of damage? Protect your excess from £30 per year with Questor Insurance!

We can cover any excess from £350 up to £2,000 for your car or motorcycle, visit our website and get a quote today.

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关于 Questor Insurance Services Limited screenshot

Questor Insurance is a trading brand of Riverside Underwriting Limited. Riverside Underwriting Limited is an insurance intermediary acting on behalf of the Underwriter.

We pride ourselves on facilitating a ‘local and personal’ experience to all our customers, via our customer intrinsic approach to the business, designing and distributing insurance products on a global scale.

Communication is key, and we value the importance of two-way communication. We appreciate that our customers lead busy lives and that they may have differing preferences of how they communicate with us. We have therefore developed a platform of different communication channels to be used by our customers to accommodate these needs, these include; telephone, email, live chat and social media. Whichever method a customer may choose, they will find that our staff are ready to go the extra mile to assist.