Pair of wills: buy a second will for just £30!

Get a second will for ONLY £30. Get peace of mind for your partner/ spouse or just a friend for £30. Every will checked by a fully qualified solicitor. Why take the risk elsewhere? Choose whether to have a mirror of your will, or whether to make an entirely separate will. Your life, your wealth: it's up to you!. Discount Detail: Pair of wills: buy a second will for just £30!

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We started this website to offer an affordable, convenient and stress-free will writing service, perfect for busy people or anyone who would rather see their money go to loved ones than paying expensive solicitors fees. The documents were designed in partnership with an experienced solicitor and conform to established legal precedents.

One in three people in England and Wales die without a will. Half of all people in the UK over 45 years of age don’t have a will. This can cause such terrible problems and confusion as the law dictates who gets what. If no blood relatives can be traced, the crown can even inherit an estate.

Our wills are suitable for the large majority of circumstances, although if you have particularly complicated wishes, own property overseas or have an estate worth over £1,000,000, a solicitor could help you create a the more complex document you are likely to need.