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Being rare and therefore highly prized, aromatic plants and Essential Oils have been used successfully for thousands of years.

With their use documented amongst ancient civilisations for anything from religious ceremonies and as medicines to beauty preparations for skin and hair and even in cooking, Essential Oils formed an integral part of the traditions of most early cultures.

However, it was only in 1928 that the term ‘aromatherapy’ was actually coined. French chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé, who was working in his family’s perfumery business, became fascinated with the Essential Oils’ therapeutic uses after accidentally discovering that lavender oil rapidly helped to heal a severe burn to his hand.

Gattefossé was followed in his studies by French scientist and doctor Dr Jean Valnet who went on to treat a range of medical and psychiatric problems with the aid of Essential Oils. Marguerite Maury established the reputation of aromatherapy in beauty by opening the first aromatherapy ‘clinics’ in France, Switzerland and Britain.

It was a mere seven years after Maury’s death that DECLÉOR was officially born in Paris, becoming the first beauty company to actively begin uniting the science and art of using plant oils in aromatherapy products and treatments.